Since the about page is the first place I look on any blog, I'll set this up nice and early! My first post gives a good overview of what I'm hoping to accomplish with this blog, but doesn't much introduce you to me. So here are some facts!

  • I'm Holly. I'm 25. I live in a DC-suburb in Virginia. I previously lived in DC, but moved out here to be closer to work and live with my boyfriend.
  • I'm originally from upstate NY, and then I went to college in Western Massachusetts (a small liberal arts college).
  • I majored in neuroscience in college, but I don't really use my super science knowledge now in my job. Oh well--it was interesting!
  • Likes:  cheese, cats (but I do not have any, YET), feeling productive and/or life-awesome, NPR, watching sports, hanging out with my mom, good beer.
  • Dislikes: reality TV, driving long distances, being told that I'm too loud, olives.

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