Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve
Dan and I had a great night in for NYE! I can go either way on the going out for New Year’s--I’ve had some fun times with friends but often find the whole ordeal to be a hassle. Our NYE was my kind of night--tasty food, good movie, and good (and cheap!) prosecco. We decided to do a “tasting plate” style dinner--here’s my plate (x2!):

Cheese is amazing.

Dan opted not to do the brie (bottom white blob) and got prosciutto instead. We watched Ted, which was pretty cute/funny. Definitely one that’s worthwhile to rent (and one that I don’t feel I missed out on not seeing in theaters).

Taking Better Care of Things - January
As described in my last post, in lieu of year-long resolutions, I’m going to focus on monthly goals that center on the so-eloquent theme of “taking better care of things.” I’ve decided on my goals for January:

Home: Pick everything the fuck up and reinstate a weekly chore routine.
Body: Recommit to my exercise schedule and eating habits.
Mind: Tackle 3 nagging tasks - thank you notes, friend contacts, 401k rollover (from my last job!)
Relationships: combo-ing with the above - send emails to friends that I have been neglecting.

I’ll go into more details soon!

Today’s Workout
I had signed up for a yoga seminar today since my regular Tuesday yoga class was canceled, but I ended up bailing at the last minute (though they gave me the credit back). It was for 2 hours and with new-to-me instructors. I just wasn’t feeling it and am glad I bailed.

I ended up having a great run instead - 4 miles tempo (2 miles at 10:23 pace). 

I regularly run around/on the track of a local high school. I've noticed since Christmas that there has been a severe uptick in the amount of goose poop on the sidewalks. Careful running required! Today I finally saw the culprits:
Geese are scary.
They were engaged in some sort of mass exodus from the grass in the direction of the sidewalks. Perhaps it was pooping time?

I finished up my workout by stopping at the apartment gym (oh hello, January Joiners!) to do some upper body and core strength training.

And then I came home and did a thorough bathroom cleaning--which it desperately needed--but that ended up feeling like an arms workout itself. So I anticipate some jello-like arms tomorrow!

Today’s Eats
This morning I made pancakes for us as a day-off treat.
If there's some sort of "worst photo of pancakes ever" competition
that exists, please feel free to submit this.
They had chocolate chips + bananas in them, though I kept mine light on the bananas. I used the Trader Joe’s multigrain baking mix for the first time and would definitely recommend it.

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