Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oh Hey March

Life Check-In
So I’m done, for real, with all this grad school stuff. I had finished up my applications at the end of 2012, but I finally just finished my financial stuff and fellowship applications, etc. It feels SO GOOD to be done. And even better that: I’ve already been accepted to four schools! I’m waiting for a few more decisions to come in mid-March (and then [hopefully] the $$ offers by early April) before I decide where to go.

It feels SO GOOD not to have any major non-work deadlines or obligations weighing on me. I seriously don’t think I’ve been free from obligations like this since before I started my current job! [job search (because I disliked my old one, not unemployed)-->moving/apartment hunting-->GRE studying-->another move-->school research-->application process-->financial grad school apps]. Life wasn’t particularly bad during those times--I did things mostly slow and steady, so nothing was ever too intense and there were lots of breaks. But I just felt like I constantly had something I should be working on. So it is nice to be free from any major non-work responsibilities for the next few months (and then...GRAD SCHOOL LIFE CHANGES AH). 

So anyway. My main goal for spring is to enjoy myself! Work is getting fairly crazy, so I just want to make it a priority when I’m not at work to relax, have fun, and enjoy time with Dan and my friends. 

That all being said...of course I have some mini-goals for the month. :) I think having a few small things to work on just makes life better! Dorky but true.

Revisiting February Goals
Not too much else to add after my mid-month check-in. I ended up reconnecting (email → video chat) with at least one friend (for the relationships portion), which was fun and not nearly as stressful as I was building it to be in my mind. And hopefully that will stay frequent moving forward. 

Working out in the morning is still hard. I do, at least, feel like I’ve proved to myself that it is possible and not completely painful to do. I can get it done if I need to. But I still definitely prefer to work out at night. I’ll probably keep trying to integrate 1-2 AM workouts into my weekly schedule to accommodate later work hours! 

Reading and 20/10s still going well. So much so that I added the little check boxes (like I had for each task everyday in my planner in February) for March. Checking things off is pleasing, and it is a good daily reminder to do them!

March Goals
Home: Spring cleanout, two-pronged: old magazines and clothes. I always save my old magazines, planning to cut out recipes I like, etc. In February, I got bored one weekend (/procrastinating fellowship acts) and started to make progress on my magazines. I've got a good system set up using Evernote that is allowing me to keep things digitally that I care about and recycle all of the hard copies. Phew! So I want to finish that project up in March, and tackle my clothes. Game plan for that to come.

Body: Use sunscreen daily. Pretty simple. It is such an important task for skin health that I rarely do. I just need to commit! I have a SPF 15 face lotion that I can use for most days, but I need to get something higher for days when I’m running/out a lot. 

Mind: Post twice a week on this blog. I enjoy doing it, and it generally helps keep me accountable to both my life goals and running goals. Plus, with the 10-miler coming up in early April, it will be a big month for running. I want to make sure to document it all!

Relationships: Focus on Dan! Work is getting busy for both of us, and our March weekends are rapidly filling up too. So we are going to try to do 2 date nights during the month (date night = going out for enjoyment, not just sustenance!) and one night of quality time a week at home. We already did a date night this weekend, which was lovely!

Today’s Eats
I made a sweet potato, kale, and goat cheese frittata (recipe from Vegetarian Times Nov. 2012) for dinner tonight. Dan made fun of the fact that pretty much all my dinners are the same, noting that I frequently do some combination of potato/cheese/kale/egg. I suppose this is a fair assessment--but a frittata feels so different than normal! Hah.

The bigger section, since the piece I cut out turned into more of a scramble than frittata.
Also today Dan surprised me with a shamrock shake (McDonald’s annual March thing; they are crack) this afternoon, which deserves public accolades, because shamrock shakes are pretty much the easiest way to this girl’s heart.

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