Monday, February 18, 2013

February Goals Check-In

Already half way through the month
Time for a check-in on this month's goals. [I wrote this last week but failed to post!]. 

Home - One 20/10 a day: I’m doing pretty well with this! To be perfectly honest, some days my “20” isn’t even cleaning--it is just 20 minutes of doing stuff I don’t want to do that are vaguely home-related. Think taxes, paperwork, etc. But doing a daily pick up + wipe down of surfaces is really helpful. I still have a tendency to save the big stuff for the weekends--typically a deep clean on the bathroom, kitchen, and floors every other week. But I have been trying to incorporate more frequent cleaning, or at least cleaning touch ups, which makes actually doing the “real” cleaning way more manageable. 

Body - incorporating morning workouts: I feel...mehhh on these. On the one hand, I truly LOVE getting them done. It makes the rest of the day and evening so much better. On the other...I kind of feel like death when I do them. I’ve only tried running outside once in the morning so far, and I felt like I was just completely slogging through and low energy. And I just refuse to wake up early enough to eat a real breakfast (I just have half a banana or nothing) and coffee before running. The treadmill days haven’t been as bad--the TV is entertaining enough and I only do 3 miles on it. But it still doesn’t feel as easy as post-work running does.

I think going forward I’m going to try to incorporate two morning runs a week (at least until mid-March...when that elusive big work thing is supposed to hit. We’ll see; it keeps getting delayed). My two shorter weekday runs--a 4 miler and a 3 miler. This will give me the opportunity to stay at work later without stress a couple nights a week and also give my body a break by sleeping in the other days. 

Mind - 10 minutes of reading a day: I’m doing pretty well on this goal! I’ve completely missed only one day so far this month, and on many days, I end up reading for more than just the 10 minutes. I wasn't loving the book I was reading, but I finished it on Friday, fortunately! One of those where you want to know what happens but don’t really want to go through the process of reading it...anyway. In the sake of full disclosure, I've read magazines only since finishing the book Friday (my original intent for the goal was books)--my brain wasn't quite ready to move onto the next book! But I'm starting a new book tonight, so hopefully I'll get back at it. I’m glad I’m keeping this up and definitely enjoying the non-computer/TV-downtime it is providing. 

Relationships - contact one person a week: Honestly, I've failed at this so far. I just am not quite sure what to say to some people because I've let it go too long...need to buck up and do it! I know I'll enjoy reconnecting, but I just feel ashamed of what a bad friend I've been.

Will keep plugging away at these and update once the month is over.

Weekly Workout Summary - February 11 - February 16, 2013
Monday: 5.5 miles @ 11:23. Experienced some...gastrointestinal distress on this run. Nothing too serious, just enough to make running a bit uncomfortable. But I'm glad I got it done!

Tuesday: 75 minute power vinyasa flow. Soo good to be back to the studio after a lot of at-home practice. My studio ran a Groupon recently (and maybe this new instructor is just gaining popularity?), which I'm guessing contributed to how FULL the class was. Which, meh. Of course I'm happy that the studio is growing/thriving, but smaller classes are so nice for adjustments and space purposes.

Wednesday: 4 mi @ 10:58. Did this in the morning outside--not so bad, but not nearly as relaxing as night running!

Thursday: 3 mi on the treadmill in the morning, with 4x400 at 6.0-6.1. I should be pushing myself more on these runs.

Friday: REST. Did it on a Friday this week so Dan and I could enjoy Valentine's wine without me needing to get up early to workout!

Saturday: 9 miles @ 11:36. Ahhh my long run. Not going to lie, it wasn't pretty. I tried out a new route that just involved too many stop lights/stop and start. But then I got really discouraged when I saw my pace. I use the RunKeeper app for Android, which has an auto-pause feature where it takes out the time where you are stopped to account for appropriate pacing. [Maybe that isn't the real way I should be counting, but whatever, it is what I'm used to!]. So anyway, I thought this was my pace without the stops and was so frustrated that even with all those stoplight breathers I was still slower than I have been recently. I got home, was all upset to Dan, and then was looking at my splits and realizing that they went up a lot when I was in the busy area. Hmmm. Turns out, I had downloaded the new RunKeeper version (which is great, btw), but it hadn't carried my preference for auto-pause over to the new version. Sooo long story long, the pace was included my stoplight time, which is why it was so slow. That being said, that route was terrible and I will not be doing it again!

Sunday: 45 minutes yoga at home, cobbled together from YogaDownload podcasts. I should start going to studio yoga on Sundays; I have passes to use. Just hard to get myself out of the house!

Total mileage: 21.5 Bam.

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  1. Good work! I keep saying that I will do yoga on my off days from running, but I rarely get to it. Now I have a minor ankle injury and need to take a week off, so hopefully I will develop some better habits from the yoga I will be doing this week. Keep up the good work!