Monday, February 4, 2013

Louis C.K and the Superbowl

Louis C.K.

On Friday night, Dan and I went to see Louis C.K.!

We didn't get to see his tummy though.
(Not my picture: source)
Dan had gotten us tickets for my birthday--the tickets sold out super fast apparently, so we were lucky to get them! He was performing at the Kennedy Center. I had never been there before--very fancy! So fancy that we couldn't take pictures in the show hall, bummer.

But I took one in the entry hall. So many flags.
Me looking way too eager at the Kennedy Center.
He was phenomenal. I didn't quite know what to expect--I had never seen a comedian of his magnitude live before. So funny! Definitely go see him if he comes to your area.

We also got dinner beforehand at one of our favorite restaurants back in Rosslyn (where I used to live): Piola! Such a random place, sitting in the middle of a bunch of offices, but it has the best happy hour. Strong, big, and inexpensive rail drinks at happy hour ($5), a happy hour that goes until 8 pm, and free passed appetizers that are super good (think mini slices of pizzas and Italian sandwiches, etc.). And they have truly amazing pizza. So good I forgot to a take a picture until we were packing up the food to go, oops.

Ugh that grey bar...sorry, need to figure that out.
Such a nice date night!

We hosted a mini-shindig at our apartment for the Superbowl. Notable since it was the first thing we had ever hosted at the apartment. Also I think this was the first event in my adult life that I hosted that went beyond "pregame" and actually provided food. It was fairly small--only three people plus us*--but I felt a little stressed about it! Just wanted to make sure the apartment looked nice and that everyone had fun.

*It was supposed to be four but a friend came down with something at the last minute. We missed you LC!
My attempt at being all Martha Stewart-y with a set up bar, etc.
Foreshadowing some amazing-looking brownies on the table...
We kept the menu easy and low-key. Lots of snacks: salsa/queso/guac with tortilla chips; carrots and hummus; and boring-type cheese and crackers (my usual cheese preferences were deemed "too fancy" for this type of gathering, which was fair).

Snacks. I regretted (accidentally) putting the carrots in the orange
bowl and the queso in the yellow one. Not Martha.
Then we ordered pizza and wings to come for some real-food dinner. And then we had brownies for dessert!

This is the best-drawn football brownie you will ever see.
Definitely Martha.
I was pleased with how it went! Everyone seemed to get along, though I failed to take any pictures of people. I suppose that means it was fun!

Weekly Workout Summary: January 25 - February 3:
Cutback week! (Explanation). Fairly light week compared to what I've been doing lately.

Monday: Rest day. I drove for four hours (grad school apps-related travel), and for whatever reason (likely: seat positioning), driving makes my knee feel tweaky. Plus I just didn't feel like exercising! So I took the day off.

Tuesday: 75 minute power vinyasa class at my usual studio. They ran a Groupon deal this week that was open to current students (!! rare), so you'll probably be seeing more of these soon!

Wednesday: 4 miles @ 11:19. First run since my Saturday 8 miler, and my legs felt like lead.

Thursday: Quick 30 minute at-home yoga session and core work.

Friday: 3.3 miles - adventures in morning workouts. I did this on the treadmill and included 4x400 speed pickups ranging from 6.0-6.2 mph.

Saturday: 5.2 miles @ 11:12.

Sunday: More rest. Though I think cleaning totally should count.

Total mileage: 12.5.  Back to normal next week! Also, total January mileage: 76.1. My highest ever!

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