Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekly workout summary - September 30, 2012

Workout summary
Here's my summary for the week from September 24 - September 30. I'm going to try to do these weekly run downs (and aggregate them somewhere) to help hold me accountable. Overall, this was a pretty standard week for this point in my training. I hit all of my scheduled workouts--I'm currently giving myself two rest days per week. I may eventually make it only one rest day (plus a day of yoga), but this is working for me for now.

Monday: Ran 4 miles at 10:43 min/mi average pace. I was intentionally pushing this a bit after coming back from a cut back week (only 8 miles total) the week prior. I felt a bit of pain my joints (from asking them to move faster?), but overall felt like this was doable.

Tuesday: OFF--Dan's birthday! I made him dinner and peanut butter chocolate pie!

Wednesday: Ran 3.1 miles at 12:05 min/mi average pace. This was not a very pretty run. I was trying out a new route near work that I was not a very big fan of. Too many bugs, too many turns so that I couldn't really find my groove. Oh well.

Thursday: 1 hour yoga (vinyasa style). I used to be doing cross-training/strength training on Thursday, but I recently bought a yoga Groupon and have been trying that out instead. Thus far, it is feeling like a reasonable substitute for the short cardio/strength session I used to do. I have gone to a few yoga studio classes before, and tried some at home, but none of it has stuck. I'm really liking this studio so far, and I'm definitely feeling it as a great complement to all the running. Hopefully I'll stick with it!

Friday: Ran 6.2 miles at 11:44 avg. pace. Good run!

Saturday: OFF - in Baltimore for a family event.

Sunday: 15 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes circuit style training (see workout below), plus a couple of cable machines.

Today's workout
I started this by doing 15 minutes of hill intervals on the elliptical. I typically would do 20 minutes, but I was bored!

First circuit - do once all the way through, then repeat twice (total of 3 times).
5 burpees
10 squat w/ overhead dumbbell press (5 lbs)
10 dumbbell row w/ tricep kickbacks (5 lbs)
10 V-sit w/ side-to-side dumbbell taps (hold a dumbbell with one hand, do a V-sit, and tap the dumbbell on the left side, then the right side).

Second circuit (same routine as the first):
10 mountain climbers
8 static lunges (each leg) w/ bicep curl (5 lbs)
20 crunches

The second circuit kinda fizzled (I should have added an arms-only exercise but couldn't think of any I wanted to do at the moment!) but I still felt like I got my butt kicked. I finished it up with 3 sets on the hamstring curl machine and lat pull down machine.

Today's eats:
(I'm going to try to post one meal a day. Maybe.)
Homemade pizza for dinner: Wegmans' whole wheat prepared dough, pesto, shredded mozzarella, and fresh mozzarella. Plus some steamed broccoli on the side to attempt to counteract all that cheese. I had two more pieces after what was shown here (they were all pretty small--the whole crust [double what's shown] was about 330 calories worth, for reference. We roll it out super thin!).

Need to turn off football (sniff sniff Bills) and get a few things done before the end of the week!

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