Saturday, October 6, 2012

Friday exploration

Some post-work exploration!

After hearing yesterday about the new complex being constructed (where the outdoors yoga will be!), I had to go check out the beginnings of it tonight! It is conveniently located right along my short commute between home and work, so fairly close indeed! The main attraction is a new Target, set to open next week, which this area very much needs--I knew about that but just hadn't realized how much else they are adding to the complex. There are also plans to open an Anthropologie, Paper Source, and several (good!) area restaurants by the end of the year. There are already several other attractions that opened, including some clothing stores, a market, and a new boutique movie theater. I'll be dragging Dan out to the new movie theater next weekend, but I decided to check out the market and one of the new clothing stores tonight on my way home from work.

The clothing store is a South Moon Under, which I wasn't really familiar with until tonight. It is a very nice boutique that carries several high-end denim line (think J Brand, Hudson, etc.) and nice clothing pieces from recognizable brands (French Connection, Splendid...). There isn't too much of any one brand though, giving it the sense of being a highly curated collection. But it was almost too curated in my opinion--random pieces that seemed to have no cohesion besides being expensive and trendy. Plus, a lot of the stuff just wasn't my style--few classic pieces, or even interesting classics, and more of-the-moment styles that will surely be out by next year. Oh well, I'm still glad I checked it out! The sales staff was perky and friendly, and the store space was nicely designed. I'll give them a try again before the end of the year--see how they are settling in and if they have any holiday deals!

The next stop was Mom's Organic Market. I had been to one of these before in DC, but it was a rundown location and an older set up. I was hopeful that this new location would be a bit better, and it definitely came through! Check out the selection.
This is ALL shelf-stable milk products.
Raw foods specialty products.
TEAS! Including bulk teas!

Overall, it didn't offer enough variety, selection, and price competition for produce to make it worth shopping there every week, since produce often comprises the bulk of my grocery purchases. But they definitely had my other frequent stores (Wegmans, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's...I like grocery stores) beat on several things that I buy fairly frequently--bulk quinoa (and some other bulk items), KIND bars, and some frozen items. And their selection was simply amazing on their non-produce items. Want that one specific type of frozen waffle you've never been able to find? They'll have it. Especially if you have any specific dietary needs, this is the place--they really have it well-stocked. I'm excited to have it between my home and work! I'll be visiting Mom's in the future.

Oh, and they have a take out food counter as well, as well as a sitting area to eat in. The menu, pictured below, looks quite tasty--I'm intrigued by their bowls! Tonight to tide me over until dinner I tried a veggie juice. It was only okay--I think that was more my fault than theirs, because I have no idea what I like in a veggie juice (key: not too much ginger!).

Used up the last of those leftovers for dinner, after my snack of that veggie juice. Have a lunch picture though--pretty basic, but tasty. A veggie burger with mixed greens on the side. Veggie burgers are one of those quick lunches that I always keep the supplies on hand for in the office--English muffins and veggie burgers in the freezer, and pickles in the fridge (what, you don't have your own jar of pickles in your office fridge? Don't worry we have several fridges and a bunch of room.). I added some hummus to it today. Tasty and easy for lunch!

Nada today! Some stretching and foam rolling in preparation for my long run tomorrow. I hope to get it done by lunchtime and have the rest of the day left to relax and explore!

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