Thursday, October 4, 2012

Some kind of progress

Progress, somewhat
I've had three work days since my post about trying to start a Happiness Project, with the first month's focus being improving work focus/productivity. For the first week, the theme was "set myself up to succeed", with the specific goals being:
  • Use an internet blocker
  • Plan the next day's tasks
So far my progress has been...inconsistent. Tuesday was middle of the road, Wednesday was great, and today was terrible. The internet blocker somewhat helps (I'm using the StayFocused extension for Chrome), if only to serve as a reminder that I'm not focusing on work (and instead checking email or whatever). The planning out the next day's tasks is a good start, but not the whole picture. I think the thing I'm having the most trouble with is just getting started each day. If I get something done before 11 am, then I feel productive and ready to take on the rest of the day (like Wednesday!). If I haven't finished anything by lunch, I just feel like the day is a wash and spend the rest of the day dragging my feet and not finding flow.

I've been aware of this all or nothing tendency in myself or a while now, and have mostly had luck in quelling in as it relates to diet and exercise (one cookie doesn't mean I throw the rest of the day away to crap eating anymore!). It is odd to see it emerge in my work life now. I had originally made the theme of week three "get it started now," with the specific goals relating to getting myself going early in the day. Well, clearly I need to bump that up to week two, so hopefully this is something I can take on next week!

I also need to just keep in mind each day WHY I am doing this--because at the end of the day this all comes down to discipline, and if I can remember why, then I can focus on the waiting incentive. Tomorrow, at the very least, I have a clear goal--I'll be working so that I don't have to stress over the weekend!

Yesterday I ran, and tonight was yoga! I recently bought a Groupon to a local yoga studio and I am loving it. After last week's beginner vinyasa class (my second at this studio, though I've done some yoga before), the teacher invited me to attend her regular vinyasa class instead of the beginner class. I went to it tonight, and it was great! Definitely a lot harder, but it felt like more of a workout. For the most part I felt like I could keep up, or I would just do the modification she offered. I loved the music she played and am enjoying this instructor. I wish the class had a little bit more energy to it, but I think that's just me wishing I could use it to make friends!

I'm excited because I found out this yoga studio is hosting a free "yoga in the park" series at a new shopping area going up between my apartment and work. It starts next Sunday and sounds like a lot of fun (though I do question the notion of starting an outdoor yoga series in mid-October). Mostly I'm just excited because it means I'll get to do a second yoga class a week at no additional cost. More to come once I try out that first outdoor class!

Tonight was a quick Wegmans frozen pizza (with some steamed broccoli on the side) shared with Dan since I got home later from yoga. For the last two nights (and still tomorrow--woo leftovers), I've had something I whipped up on Tuesday to use up stuff in the fridge. It looks completely unappetizing, but it was delicious! I included: half an onion, garlic, zucchini, black beans, kale, and potatoes (pre-cooked a bit) in the sauteed mixture. Then I fried up an egg to put on top of it and put on some cheddar cheese crumbles for good measure. Delicious!! And made a few servings of leftovers too (for those I'm just reheating the veggie mix in the same pan as the egg). I forgot to take a picture before I sliced the egg all up, but oh well.

 Wow I take terrible photographs. Oh well. Not sure what I have in store for the weekend yet--lots of potential!

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