Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekly workout summary - October 7, 2012

Workout summary

Week of October 1 - October 7. I only hit 4 workouts for the week, but they were quality ones. My goal at this point is just to keep up my running mileage and not get injured before the 10k race on October 28.

Monday: 4 miles with potentially wonky satellites. My Runkeeper app claimed around a 13 min/mi pace, for full disclosure, but that still doesn't seem right!

Tuesday: Rest day. I really should throw in some core work or at-home yoga on Tuesdays...perhaps I'll try that this upcoming week.

Wednesday: 4 miles @ 11:28 min/mi average pace. Another new route near work. This was the best of the ones I've tried so far, except for the BUGS. Tiny little gnats everywhere. I can't tell if it is just that time of year or if it has something to do with the area. I'll see if they let up this week as it gets colder.

Thursday: My first non-basics vinyasa class. I loved this! Wish I could justify the expense of going more often, but once a week in the studio will have to suffice for now.

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Long run! 6.5 miles (PDR!) at 11:03 min/mi average pace. Which would be awesome if I could say that without an asterisk, but I can't. I had to stop 4.5 miles in because I got a SHOOTING pain in left ankle. I had one of those moments where I was like holy shit, I'm not going to be able to do the race. Luckily I was near a rest stop along the trail, so I sat on the bench, took off my shoe, and rolled the ankle out for a while. It was feeling somewhat better, so I shoed up again and tried to walk. I felt pain at first when I walked, but it eased as I started to get going. I tried running, which was painful at first too, but all of the sudden I felt a POP in the ankle and the pain was gone. So bizarre! I have no idea what caused it. It feels fine today. But anyway, that pace does not account for the ~10 min break I took to deal with my ankle, so I feel like it doesn't really count.

Used this picture twice, oops. Post-PDR smile!
Though my ankle seems pain-free today, the same cannot be said for my knee. While I've never really had problems with my ankle before, my knees, in particular the right one, has been giving me trouble since I started increasing my mileage. For the last mile yesterday it was really achy, and last night/today it has been in a fair amount of pain. Nothing shooting, just a lot of soreness. I've been icing and staying off it, etc., hoping it just a little tired from running a new distance. If I had to describe the pain, it kind of feels like when you land on your knee weird while it is locked out (except that usually goes away in a minute or two)--it feels tender to straighten it all the way or to put all my weight on it, but the pain isn't shooting.

Sunday: Unintentional rest day, given the knee pain. It probably would have been better to do some yoga or cross-training, but I was lazy. I'm hoping everything feels back to normal for a run tomorrow!

Total running miles for the week: 14.5 miles. 

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